About Us

We take Privilege in introducing ourselves as a team of computer service professionals & prominent IT Service Provider. Technocrats, who have served the IT industry for several years, founded Madhu Infotech in the year 1999. Today we have the honours of serving several Clients who envy our services. Over a period of time we have structured the way the service industry needs to work with a work force that are available to our clients just a call away.

We have endeavoured to achieve our Corporate Mission of 'Helping our customers to help their customers better'. We believe in Phillip Crosby's quality principal of 'Doing everything right the first time and every time'. Madhu Infotech has always endeavoured to achieve excellence in Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Enviable service being our motto,we take utmost care to ensure that our customers have the highest degree of satisfaction.

WorthITis a Division of Madhu Infotech India Pvt. Ltd., Our goal of creating WorthIT is to responsibly manage and reduce the amount of electronic waste by, bringing technology equipment back to its original functional intended use and redeploy in secondary Markets.

We make every effort to bring product received through the reverse supply chain back to a condition where it can be remarketed for its intended use, For products we refurbish, we follow the strictest of processes that are proven through documentation and rigorous downstream audits.

We offer comprehensive testing and refurbishment services for products that include:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • IT Peripherals
  • LCD displays
  • IT Accessories
  • Electronic Equipment’s

Whether it is through our repair and refurbishing processes or recycling of product, packing materials, our reverse logistics approach offers sustainable solutions to mitigate our negative impact on the environment. Over the years, it has been our long-standing goal to be a steward of the environment and be a responsible refurbishing and recycling partner to all of our clients. Whether refurbishing or partnering with an approved recycler of your choice, WorthIT has the right solution.