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Advantages of buying a Refurbished Laptops and Computers.

buying a Refurbished Laptops and Computers.


Advantages of buying a Refurbished Laptops and Computers

Uses of Computers have become a need in today’s life. Purchasing of new computers/laptops with latest configuration costs more and many middle class families or small businesses or startups might not be able to afford such an expenditure. So, refurbished ones are here for their rescue.

Let’s define what a refurbished system is. It is a pre-owned product which have been used and sold by the original owner to a refurbishment company like WorthIT. We trace the system’s history and is quality checked with rigorous tests for validating the systems optimal performance. The system is serviced incase any module is not functioning upto the mark, sometimes the faulty part is replaced with a new one too. Once serviced, the system is overhauled to perform like new except for few scratches/dents here & there. Since, it is pre-owned the cost of such a system could be way less than the new one in the market.

Advantages of WorthIT Refurbished Laptops and Computers

  1. Warranty – All our products purchased by you may have up to 3 months of warranty.
  2. Tax Invoice – We provide tax invoice with every sale, unlike purchasing from second hand seller.
  3. Same day Dispatch – Once the order & payment formalities are completed, we dispatch the goods on the same day to ensure early delivery.
  4. After sales support – During warranty our service team will help you by fixing any issues with the system you have purchased from us. However, we don’t disown our products after the warranty period, our service team will fix any issue related to the product sold by us and it may come with small cost associated with the part/labour involved.
  5. QC Report – Our team will be happy to provide you the QC report on demand incase you want to see the test results of your system.
  6. Cost Effective – Lastly, we are one of the most cost effective refurbishers in the market