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Behind the scenes of refurbished industry and why should customer buy the refurbished product

refurbished industry and why should customer buy the refurbished product


Refurbished industry in India is increasing day by day; Potential marketplace for used goods is in excess of $25 billion by 2020. Due to excessive demand for refurbished mobiles, market size is expected to reach $14 billion by the end of 2017 globally, $3 billion in Indian market.

In India, ecommerce is progressively attracting clients from tier 2 and 3 cities as individuals hold high earnings but yet have restricted access to brands.

Changing lifestyle and affordability is making people buy online rather than going to shop; this saves time and helps to choose different brands at affordable price.

The refurbished market players demand that the purchasers be more mindful and consider certain check points before purchasing used goods or refurbished electronics products. We have pointed out some characteristics which customer should focus before they buy.

Why Customer go for Refurbishment.

  • Offers: Customers are opting for refurbished products rather than new products because of new, best offers.
  • Lesser Price: High quality refurbished product available in the market rather than new one.
  • Quality:  Quality of the refurbished product is good and long-lasting.

Different variety Products at lesser price

Refurbished or used Goods market is giving more opportunity to buy different variety of Electronics, with good quality at lesser price.

For Example WorthIT offers Refurbished Apple MacBook Air for Rs.39000 while the original one is sold for Rs.56000+ in the market and the difference is around Rs.17000. Customer will really look for good product at cheaper price.

Refurbished Lenovo laptop T450 Ultra Book is sold at WorthIT for Rs. 38900 and original price is around Rs.60, 000 in the market.

Refurbished HP laptops sold at WorthIT for Rs.19, 500 and original price is around Rs.27, 500 in the market.

WorthIT offers comprehensive testing and refurbishment services for products that include:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • IT Peripherals
  • LCD displays
  • IT Accessories
  • Electronic Equipments

Different benefits of Refurbished products.

There are several benefits of buying refurbished Products firstly; they are between 15 to 30 % cheaper than the original one. Second one is quality, off course whatever damaged part of refurbished product been replaced and all other parts have been tested yet again.

Refurbishment processes of WorthIT.

  • Replace faulty modules/parts with new ones.

Whatever damaged part of product been replaced and all other parts have been tested yet again.

  • Stringent Quality processes.

WorthIT refurbished products are  serviced at WorthIT repair facility for any malfunctions and performance issues by certified technicians and will be fixed if any, All these products are then tested using testing tools and once the QC is done, products will move to packing section for cleaning, stickering and packing.

  • Environment Friendly.

Once the packaging is done for refurbished product it will delivered to the end customer, if he don’t use the material which is used to pack , it will again reused for packaging of another refurbished product .