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Plantronics Practica T110 Wired Telephone Headset

Part No: T110
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* Wired Telephone Headset with Dialpad
* Ergonomic Headset with Noise Cancellation
* Firm-Key Dial Pad | Microphone included
* Suitable for For Customer Service and Call Centers
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Product Description
Plantronics practica t110 headset feature telephone in charcoal grey complete with plantronics practica sp12 binaural over-the-head binaural noise-canceling headset comes with hands-free comfort and freedom while you talk, headset telephone with noise-canceling technology. Plantronics Single-line Telephone with SP12 Headset Top + PRACTICA T110 Dial Key Pad : Own Dial Pad, Volume Control, Flash Button, Selectable Flash Timing, Tone / Pulse dialing switch, Last Number Redial Button, Mute Button, Mute LED, Suprevisory Port, Over-The-Head Binaural Noise-Canceling Headset, Economically designed for all-day comfort, Clear Sound quality, Telephone Line Jack, Needs no batteries.
Product Condition
Condition Open Box
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Product Specification
Brand Plantronics
Model Practica T110
Color Black
Interface Output RJ-11 telephone jacks,
Control Panel Volume | Mute | Flash | Redial Buttons | Three Flash Settings
Additional Information Amplifier comes with an over-the-head only headset, Complete single-line telephone, nothing else is needed!Noise-canceling Headset, Fully functional dialpad, Redial, flash, and mute buttons, Mute indicator light, Ringer sound adjustment
Weight 358 Grams