We commit to deliver the product free of cost to your doorsteps without any additional cost.

Installation service is not a part of the product cost and if required, the same can be arranged the very next working day after the delivery of the product for a nominal fee of ₹. 250 + service tax. We have prefixed the service charges as very minimal considering only installation of the product supplied and for a max of 30 min call.

This service charges collected will be only for one time service only and is purely for installing the product supplied on individual product or as individual product.

This service charge is applicable for calls only within city limits and subject to availability of our service partner.

We do not install any kind of software nor configure any product on networks, if any needs to be done, it is the responsibility of the user to intimate the full job description and take the appropriate quote and then proceed.

WorthIt is not responsible for any kind of services obtained by our partners apart from basic product installation.